Dirkschneider – Back to the Roots – Accepted! (2017)

Dirkschneider - Back to the Roots - Accepted! (2017)

Artist: Dirkschneider
Album: Back to the Roots – Accepted!
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps

1. Intro (Live in Brno)
2. Starlight (Live in Brno)
3. Living for Tonite (Live in Brno)
4. Flash Rockin’ Man (Live in Brno)
5. London Leatherboys (Live in Brno)
6. Midnight Mover (Live in Brno)
7. Breaker (Live in Brno)
8. Head over Heels (Live in Brno)
9. Neon Nights (Live in Brno)
10. Princess of the Dawn (Live in Brno)
11. Winter Dreams (Live in Brno)
12. Restless and Wild (Live in Brno)
13. Son of a Bitch (Live in Brno)
14. Up to the Limit (Live in Brno)
15. Wrong Is Right (Live in Brno)
16. Midnight Highway (Live in Brno)
17. Screaming for a Love-Bite (Live in Brno)
18. Monsterman (Live in Brno)
19. TV-War (Live in Brno)
20. Losers and Winners (Live in Brno)
21. Metal Heart (Live in Brno)
22. I’m a Rebel (Live in Brno)
23. Fast as a Shark (Live in Brno)
24. Balls to the Wall (Live in Brno)
25. Burning (Live in Brno)
26. Outro (I Give as Good as I Get) (Live in Brno)
27. My Way (Live in Brno)

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