Maleceptor – The Flesh Harvest (2017)

Maleceptor - The Flesh Harvest (2017)

Artist: Maleceptor
Album: The Flesh Harvest
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: UK
Released: 2017
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps

01. 0151
02. Plaguewalker (feat. Ricardo Proenca)
03. 2.3 (feat. Dan Bramley)
04. Fed To The Local Paedophile (feat. Sam Taylor)
05. The Flesh Harvest (feat. Jason Lambert)
06. 22 Incher In The Sphincter (feat. Chris Butterworth)
07. Pig Fucker (feat. Martin Funderud)
08. Worn As A Mask (feat. Duncan Bentley)
09. Balls Deep In An Orphan’s Anus
10. Pillars Of Slaughter (feat. Calum Forrest)
11. Kingdom Of Tyrants (Cattle Decapitation Cover)
12. Colossal Human Consumption (Analepsy Cover)
13. Vengeance (Thy Art Is Murder Cover)

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